Why Portraits?

It began with putting on your best outfit, sometimes even buying new ones, for a portrait with a photographer. It always used to be such a grand affair, sitting in front of the big wooden cameras as the photographer focused the image and readied the plate. In reality, only the people belonging to the upper echelons of society could afford getting a portrait made, of them alone or with a loved one.

As Technology progressed and time flew past, the cameras became smaller, they had smaller learning curves and finally now is a time when each and every one of us has access to some sort of image making device.

The need to sit down or even take time out for portraits ceased to exist. We were constantly being photographed, by ourselves or by others. We could photograph us at our most beautiful, or at least according to our personal notions of beauty.

Portraits weren’t lost, No, but the art of making photographs seems nowhere to be found now.

It would be quite difficult to expect people to get as excited or take out a big chunk of time out of their lives to sit down for a portrait session or a few. Is it not then ever more important now that we do so?

How amazing would it be to leave behind an imprint of your face as a chronicle of Human Existence? Ok, I admit that I added an extra bit of grandeur to that sentence, but does it not sound like a great idea?

100 Portraits. 100 People. 100 Conversations. And maybe a few hundred cups of coffee or tea.

That’s what the Portraits and Faces is all about, chronicling the life and a few snippets of conversation of a 100 people I get to meet, am led to meet, happen to meet or really wanted to meet.

All I ask of you is a couple of hours on a free morning, evening or heck, even night. Come with an open mind, lets talk about poetry, lets talk about the way the wind shapes the earth, as long as we are talking its good.

Come on by for a portrait session, there’s no need to dress up, there’s no need to make-up. Just make conversation with me and I keep will keep clicking pictures for you. Effortless. Beautiful.

Drop me a direct message on Instagram if interested – @poetoftheblack

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